About Us

The Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum was founded in 2005 to demonstrate that faith builds community, promote religious and racial harmony in Barking and Dagenham and promote the social inclusion of those who are excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed.

Our main objectives are to

  • Educate the public in different religious beliefs. Including an awareness of their distinct features, and their common ground, to promote good relations between persons of different faiths and non-faith.
  • Promote knowledge, mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different faiths and non-faith.
    Provide a local network that encourages and enables members of faith communities to participate more effectively in wider community.
  • Increase, or co-coordinate, opportunities for members of faith communities to engage with service providers and to enable those providers to adapt service to better meet the needs of faith communities.

Our People

As members of the Faith Forum, We commit ourselves, as people of many faiths, to work together for the common good, uniting to build a better society, grounded in values and ideals we share: community, personal integrity, a sense of right and wrong, learning, wisdom and love of truth, care and compassion, justice and peace, respect for one another, for the earth and its creatures. We commit ourselves, in a spirit of friendship and co-operation, to work together alongside all who share our values and ideals, to help bring about a better world now and for generations to come.


We are an independent charity that aims to give faith communities in Barking and Dagenham a collective voice by identifying and addressing issues that affect residents.

We were founded in 2005 and we have a Board of Trustees drawn from faith leaders, practitioners, and members of local faith communities from all the main religions represented in the borough. The diversity of our Board of Trustees is reviewed against the 2011 Census and additional research into faith communities in the borough. We currently have 1 Christian Trustees, 2 Muslim Trustees, 2 Sikh Trustee and 1 Jain Trustee. If you would like to become a Trustee please email at  (chair@bdfaithforum.org.uk).