Risk Assessment for Places of Worship

The UK Chief Medical Officers have raised COVID 19 the risk to the public to ‘high’. It is now a pandemic, and it is important that religious and community organisations are prepared.

Most people recover from the Coronavirus after having flu like symptoms for about a week. There is no vaccine as yet.

Health advice can be found here – https://www.nhs.uk/coronavirus/

British Government’s strategy is now to delay the spread of the Coronavirus so that public resources are not overstretched.  The Government advice can be found here:



There has been guidance and advice issued for charity sector, which can be found here:


Register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.


Government Advice

From Saturday 13 June places of worship have been permitted to open for individual prayer in line with social distancing guidelines. The Government’s guidance can be found here:

BDFF worked with faith leaders and LBBD Council to create some Risk Assessment Guidance, as set out below.

The Public Health team at LBBD have created an Action Card for community organisations. If someone who uses your space does test positive for Covid-19 then all the instructions on what to do next are listed on the Action Card. We suggest you print it and have it to hand at all times. The Public Health team at LBBD have also offered to provide bespoke support to Places of Worship, if you would like to take up this offer please email info@bdfaithforum.org.uk 


BD CAN stands for Barking & Dagenham Citizens Alliance Network.

To make sure no one is left unsupported, BD CAN is providing a key contact point for anyone in the borough who needs help or knows someone who does. It could be anything from help picking up medication or food shopping, to a friendly phone call if someone is self-isolating and is feeling cut off from the community.

If you know of someone who could benefit from BD CAN, please get them to contact BD CAN by phoning 020 8215 3000 or emailing bdcan@lbbd.gov.uk. And, if you want to offer help, you can register at www.lbbd.gov.uk/volunteering.


Latest guidance & support from the borough can be found here: https://www.lbbd.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19

A number of Faith Organisations have issued guidance on Covid-19. It can be found here: