Faith Builds Community: Working Together in Barking and Dagenhamg

Working Together for Barking and Dagenham – Council and Faith Communities is a new, two-part document which has been collaboratively created by the Faith & Belief Forum (F&BF) , London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (the Council), and Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum (B&D Faith Forum). Together the three parties undertook extensive engagement with stakeholders in the local community and facilitated the creation of a shared action plan.

The vision of this document is a better connected, faith friendly borough, where people of all backgrounds feel safe, celebrated, and included and the invaluable contribution faith communities make to the borough is realised and amplified, faith-based needs are understood and met, and where faith-based organisations, including B&D Faith Forum, are leading voices with platforms to represent their communities.

This document recognises the role that all organisations and residents in Barking and Dagenham have in realising this vision.
This document aims to:

  • Summarise the local context which impacts how faith-based organisations and the Council currently work together
  • Showcase, celebrate and draw learning from the current work of Barking and Dagenham’s faith communities
  • Highlight the views and experiences of residents from different faiths and beliefs about living, working and praying in Barking and Dagenham
  • Set actions for faith-based organisations and the Council, including on shared issues of concern such as the use of buildings, hate crime reporting and safeguarding
For more information please download the following documents: